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Fic: Good Intentions by Laren

Title: Good Intentions
Part: 3 - Side Effects
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: John/Rodney
Disclaimer: If it were mine, there would be no Keller.
Warnings: angst, established relationship, humor
Rating: PG-16
Status: Finished
Summary: They had a foolproof plan to enter the temple on PX-4742. Unfortunately not everything went accoring to plan. This is a kind of 'aliens made them do it' variation
Beta: koryouand zannabqyou are the best *huggs*

Part 1: A Cunning Plan
Part 2: In the Temple

Part 3: Side Effects

Part 4: Reports and Consequences

Part 5: Desperate Measures
Tags: author:laren, fic, fic:good intentions, john/rodney, sga
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